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Raku Tile

Raku Tiles

The Raku firing process results in a fascinating tile surface with an aged quality. Carbon crackles, metallic luster and bursts of color are characteristics admired in Raku tile.

Suitable for fireplace surround, interior walls, framed art pieces, mirror frames, etc.

We make raku tiles by special orders or choose from our pre-made tiles.

Dynamic Surfaces Art Studios has 10 unique colors to choose from and can create custom colors.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is high fired, resulting in high density and strength; particularly suited for counter tops, floors, indoor or outdoor applications.The strength and durability of porcelain clay makes it a long lasting choice for high relief tile including birds, northern animals, sun motif, gargoyles and celtic knots.

DS Art Studios features leaf fossil tiles and infant hand and foot impressions, as well animal paws. Porcelain tiles are also suitable for hand painted murals.

Earthenware Tile

Earthenware Tiles

Earthenware is a low fire tile which is suitable for indoor wall installations or framed artwork. DS Art Studios provides two styles of Earthenware Tile:

Translucent Glaze Earthenware Tile, which have a translucent / watery quality, suitable for field color and low relief design.

Slip Wash Earthenware Tile, which have a natural stone quality beneath a transparent glaze, are suitable for hand painted designs, murals and field tile applications

Available in many colors and sizes.

Hand Painted Tile

Hand Painted Tile Murals

Artwork and Design inspired by You.

We will design for your space or you provide the design.

"The possibilities are endless"

framed art

Store Gift Items

Items available now includes : Decorative tile, functional art, prints and one of a kind items.

Check our store frequently as new items will be added as available.

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