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Raku Tiles

Raku Tiles

Some Raku tiles are already made, see our store for full list of tiles available to purchase now or contact us to make a special order.
The sizes, shapes, decorating style and colors could be completely customized to suit your needs. Contact us and we will help you to design your project.
The time for customized tile is generally 6 - 8 weeks depending on the order.


Raku Buttons
1.25"x 1.25"
available in various colors:
off white
light blue

Fish tile Turtle tile Turtle tile Frog tile

Fish, Frog and Turtle Series
4"x 4" Hand painted raku tiles

Raku sun

Raku Sun Relief
Set of 4 tiles available
in 8"x 8" or 12"x 12".
Bright cooper sun available on various background glaze colors.

Blue Raku

Blue Raku Tile

Mermaid Shell Fish Mermaid Seahorse

Mermaid Series
4"x 4" cobalt tile with handcrafted deco.
Series includes: Mermaid, Fish, Shell and Seahorse

White Raku

Yellow Iron Crackle
with single stone terracotta button tile frame


Dragon and Hummingbird
Hand painted Raku Tile

The sun catcher_totem

The Sun catcher Totem
10" x 86"
Framed Art
Ready to hang
Hand painted raku tile

Tropical Bird Series
4"x 8" opal tile with hand painted deco.
Series includes: Macaw, Cockatoo and Toucan.


12" x 12" Raku Mural

framed art

4"x 8" tile with raku button frame

Elephant_right  Zebra

African Animal Series
4"x 6" available in any raku color.
Series includes: Elephant, Lion, Rhino and Zebra

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